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Corgi - The First Meme Token with Juicy Rewards for Holders


You missed Shiba, Pitbull, Floki ? It’s okay! Corgi will give you another chance!

Dividend mechanism makes $CRG a potential and sustainable source of income as well as a good medium of 'store of value' because of it's underlying blockchain Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

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A new cryptocurrency was born by fans of the Corgi Meme Community! Corgi want to build a Fun Meme Community to spread awareness about animal adoption. Rennounce contract ownership. No liquidity control. Help for a Dog Shelter

About Corgi Token

Corgi is a revolutionary new BSC token that combines all their best features to create something entirely new. All holders of Corgi will earn more $CRG using Dividend pools. Invest $CRG tokens to earn Stablecoin like BUSD, USDC, DAI and others


Corgi Roadmap